Australia Post

I currently work as the UX content manager at Australia Post. I manage a team of product content strategists, working closely with product designers, researchers and dev teams on AusPost's digital products.

Over the past two years I've worked to establish and standardise UX content practices at AusPost - and to make sure we're always in the room when we need to be!


UX product content

I've worked on all kinds of digital products at AusPost, including:

  • scalable enterprise parcel lodgement systems
  • secure ID tools
  • various mobile apps
  • a web-based geo-location tool
  • dashboards, community portals and more.


Research, testing & optimisation

I work in AEM to set up weekly content tests across our product marketing pages. This yields big improvements in signups (...and proves me wrong more often than I'd like).

I've also been involved in design sprints, and ongoing user testing as a part of design and optimisation.    


Hack day & incubator

I helped lead a team to win the 2016 AusPost hack day against 15 or so competing teams, and subsequently spent 6 weeks in an incubator program. Our idea was for a system that would:

  • Help people quickly set up disaster relief 'registries' (like wedding registries)
  • Broadcast the registry via SMS to surrounding areas
  • Automate pick up and delivery of pledged goods using the postal network.


UX content practices

During my time at Australia Post, I've worked to establish:

  • UX content's role as a vital function of product design 
  • An enterprise-wide UX content style manual
  • Help and support / onboarding conventions
  • Content testing and optimisation procedures
  • Strategies to communicate and promote new features
  • A community of practice for UX content, and more.


I worked on BUILD for four years, and wrote much of the original content on the site. As the sole content person, I learned a lot about analytics and SEO (and also some stuff about how houses are built). 



Content strategy

The content strategy work I did on BUILD included:

  • Planning and creating over 1000 articles
  • SEO (delivering 250k unique organic visitors / month)
  • Content planning, analytics reporting
  • Organic social strategy (esp. G+ & reddit)
  • Information architecture improvements
  • UX content for scrapbook, My Build, ideas gallery etc.

Writing samples:


Pepper Global

At Pepper I worked as a regional editor for HP's dynamic global enewsletter program, 'Technology at Work'.


Content strategy

The content strategy work I did at Pepper included:

  • Carefully tailoring content for different national editions of the newsletters
  • Testing and optimising subject lines, images and calls to action
  • Targeting content to different audiences based on country, job function and interests
  • Detailed monthly analysis and reporting for each country and edition.

Stuff Magazine

I worked for a year as the editor of Stuff Magazine in Singapore. Reviews in Stuff needed to be short, sharp and attention-grabbing. 

Writing samples:



CHIP Magazine


I worked for two years as the managing editor of CHIP Magazine in Malaysia. CHIP's a technical computer enthusiast magazine. While working at CHIP I also helped to set up and run the (much loved, now defunct) CHIP Malaysia Forum.

Writing sample: